Mimic Vat - 6 Days [Mindless Apes Remix] (178)




Written and produced by André Penalva
Remixed by Ivo Matos, João Madeira & Daniel Barata

from V.A. "Age Of Apocalypse" Compiled by Noizhartt

Badgers Records

Humanity has gone through many eras. From the Stone Age to Industrial Revolution, from the Dark Ages to Enlightenment, mankind has been making history passing through slavery and rebellions, reaching to today..

We're living at the age where a few companies are about to have total control over our water, food, raw materials, production, even ourselves. Wars, oppression, human exploitation, unemployment, poverty and natural disasters gives us all the feeling that this bubble is about to explode!

Could mankind be so stupid to destroy itself? Will our times come to be called by future generations as the 'Age of Apocalypse'? If anyone stands still..

After recently participating in the killer birthday party of Ivo Matos aka Noizhartt, the artists decided to share some of their finest tunes with us all! Experimental, fast and aggressive, this compilation is a call for struggle against the darkest premonitions for what's coming next for our world.


released October 2, 2015



all rights reserved



A highly noisy music project inspired in the distortion of time-space continuum and designed to overcome physical theories creating a black hole to destroy the entire galaxy. Brace yourselves!

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